The majority of ASEAN countries are members of the World Trade Organization (WTO). WTO decisions, arising both through its negotiations as well as its Dispute Settlement Body, have important legal, economic and political implications for ASEAN members. Already, ASEAN members have been actively involved in several disputes at the WTO, either directly or as third parties to proceedings.

As a result of the tremendous interest shown at the 8th General Assembly in Singapore on the issue of WTO decisions and their impact for ASEAN countries, a WTO Study Group was established in 2004 under the Standing Committee on Business Law, with the objectives of fostering discussion, exchange of ideas and views, and research on the interaction of WTO and ASEAN.

The Study Group comprises ASEAN lawyers and academics who are interested in promoting discourse, training and writing in this area. By drawing on its diverse membership comprising public and private sector legal practitioners and academics, the ALA is in a position to make a significant contribution to the learning in this area.

Coordinator and Members of WTO Study Group

Publications on WTO-ASEAN Trade Issues and ASEAN Integration:

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