The Trade and Investment Group (“TIG”) was established by a resolution of the 36th Governing Council Meeting held in Kuala Lumpur on 19 Sept 2014, with the following mandate:

(i) To provide inputs for an ASEAN common position on trade and investment dispute under the WTO rules and procedure;
(ii) To compile and annotate all changes in trade and investment laws and regulations of the respective ASEAN countries for further sharing with all ALA members.

The TIG is a sub-group under the Standing Committee on Business Law and replaces the WTO Study Group. The WTO Study Group had proposed to the Governing Council at its meeting in Singapore on 24 August 2013 that the scope and objectives of the WTO Study Group should be widened to include “trade and investment” and that the group should be accordingly renamed, to reflect recent developments in this area. The Group’s recommendations were accepted by the Governing Council.

Coordinator and Members of TIG

TIG materials


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