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Mr Pham Quoc Anh

The Honourable Mr Pham Quoc Anh was elected President of the ASEAN Law Association (ALA) on 17th Oct 2009 at the 10th  ALA General Assembly held in Hanoi, Vietnam.  At the time of his election as President of the ALA, the Honourable Pham Quoc Anh was the Chairman of the ALA national committee of Vietnam as well as the Chairman of the Vietnam Lawyers Association.  He holds a degree in law from the prestigious Hanoi Law University, as well as a degree in technology specialising in technical chemistry.  His career has spanned 46 years serving the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in various capacities.  This includes a term as the Assistant to the President of Vietnam prior to his appointment as Chairman of the Vietnam Lawyers Association in March 2004.

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