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Lord President Tun Mohamed Suffian

“What a Man! What an Icon!”

This is common expression of those who knew Mohamed Suffian, also ready known as ‘SUFF’ of Tin Suffian in ALA. Together with his inseparable English born wife—Bunny, Mohamed Suffian was the life and soul of ALA during its early days. As one of the founder members of ALA and as one of its Presidents, Mohamed
Suffian expended considerable effort and energy to create ALA and nurture it during its infant years. It is upon the foundations set by Mohamed Suffian, and
other founding members, that ALA, in subsequent years was able to achieve and
accomplish its many projects successfully and with ease and efficiency.

On 26 September 2000, many Malaysians learned of the passing away of Mohamed Suffi an at the age of 84. At home, in Malaysia, he was mourned by all. The entire nation loved this man. His humble beginnings (a ‘kampung boy’, village lad in Malay), his scholarly achievements (winning a Queens scholarship to Cambridge University to read law), his attainment to high office (as Lord President which is equivalent to Chief Justice of Malaysia) and his forward and honest views together with his brave stand (made after his retirement from the judiciary when Malaysia’s judiciary encountered difficulties with its independence) and his humility made him virtually a hero. It is not surprising that soon after his death, the government of Malaysia, in recognition of his service to the nation, honoured him with the creation of a judicial and legal museum in Kuala Lumpur to be called -”Tin Suffian Memorial.”

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