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The following are eligible for membership in the Association:

a) Institutional members: Any organisation of members of the legal profession within any ASEAN country.

b) Individual members: Members of the legal profession who are citizens of any ASEAN country including advocates, attorneys, barristers, counsellors, government lawyers, judges, jurists, justices, notaries public, practising lawyers, solicitors, teachers of law and graduates of recognised law schools.

c) Honorary members: Any individual who has distinguished himself in the field of law or who has made a significant contribution to the objectives of the Association.

Applications for membership are made to and approved by the National Committee of that country. Please contact your National Committee for information on membership.

The Governing Council may approve the affiliation to the Association of any organisation or body of members of the legal profession or students of law within ASEAN with such privileges and obligations as the Governing Council may determine.

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