ALA 36th Governing Council Meeting and Meeting of Standing Committees in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (20 September 2014)

At the 35th Governing Council Meeting held in Singapore, it was decided that the 36th Governing Council Meeting will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Accordingly, on 20 September 2014, the ASEAN Law Association convened its 36th Meeting at The Royale Chulan Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Of late, the delegates attending the Governing Council Meeting have increased in numbers. In Kuala Lumpur, the attendance once again breached the 200 mark with 217 delegates. Nine National Committees were represented at the Meeting, which also saw the participation of five Chief Justices of ASEAN.

The President of ALA, The Hon. Chief Justice Dr Muhammad Hatta Ali of Indonesia chaired the Governing Council Meeting. He was assisted by the Secretary General of ALA, Mr Swandy Halim. The Meeting started with the speech of the President followed by the opening remarks of all the Chairmen of the National Committees.

The following proposals were endorsed by the Governing Council:

(a) Access to Justice: To establish a panel of “expert lawyers” in each Asean country who will provide legal advice and representation, pro bono or for a nominal fee, on criminal and constitutional law to nationals/permanent residents of other Asean states.

(b) Harmonisation of Commercial Laws: To create a working platform to promote greater cooperation and communication between ALA and ASLOM in the pursuit of harmonisation of commercial laws and regulations within ASEAN.

(c) Trade and Investment: To establish a Trade and Investment Group with representation from each ASEAN state to provide inputs on common positions on trade and investment disputes under WTO and compile the laws in trade and investment in ASEAN. This will formalize and rename the existing WTO Study Group.

(d) Asean Law Centres of Excellence: To create centres of excellence to encourage in-depth studies on laws and regulations of ASEAN states to enhance such laws as well as academic exchanges between these centres.

(e) Alternative Dispute Resolution: To create a level playing field in ADR by way of exchanges on ADR experts, study and compilation of laws and rules.

(f) Honouring ALA Heroes: To compile a list of ALA personalities who have contributed to growth of ALA to honour their contribution.

Further discussions were carried out by the Standing Committees, namely, International Law, Business Law, Legal Education, Legal Profession, ADR, Judicial Co-operation, Legal Information and the Trade & Investment Group.

The ALA Standing Committees were also reviewed and streamlined. The WTO Study Group of the Business Law Standing Committee was re-named the “Trade and Investment Group” to better reflect its widened role in light of developments in the field. The Standing Committee on Judicial Cooperation was also disbanded as the ASEAN Chief Justices’ Meeting was being held on the sidelines of every ALA meeting.

In addition, the Meeting decided on the conference theme and topics for the 12th ALA General Assembly hosted by the Philippines in February-March 2015.






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