Past Tournaments

Santiburi Country Club
Chiang Rai, Thailand
26 Jun 2004
1.30pm – 6pm
by Hj Nabil Daraina Badaruddin (Brunei)

After an eventful morning of meetings and a rushed lunch, ALA golfers can’t wait to make their way to and test their ‘practical’ skills at the Santiburi Golf Club.  Located some 9 kilometres from the centre of Chiang Rai, the Santiburi Golf Club was Chiang Rai's first golf course, and considered by many reviews as on one of Thailand's finest.

While some fortunate fellow ALA golfers have had a sample of the par 72, 18 hole course some days before the meetings, some others (myself included) didn’t get any… I for one like surprises of this nature and with high expectations of the Course, I was hopeful in enjoying the company of fellow ALA golfers and physical and mental challenges awaiting us at the Course.

Upon arrival at the Course, we were ushered into our respective flights.  Our Thai counterparts have made excellent arrangements for us and their impeccable hospitality ensured a smooth running of the event.

A perfect day at the Santiburi Country Club.

Golf Chapter in Chiang Rai hatching plans for the next tournament. Golf Captain Dato' James Foong is seated in the centre

18 holes later – I dare say most of us were not the least bit disappointed.  The course was beautiful and the fine weather ensured an enjoyable round of golf.  Of course, there were hiccups in my game along the way but having scored pars at 9 out of 18 holes…hey! I ain’t complaining!

The wonderful round was capped with a cultural event during the farewell dinner held back at Dusit Thani Hotel.  A day worth remembering indeed… A fine example of the execution of work and pleasure, all in a day’s work.

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