Past Tournaments

Wack Wack Golf & Country Club
Manila, Philippines
25 February 2015

The ALA Golf Chapter successfully held its 12th ALA Championship Golf Tournament at the West Course of Wack Wack Golf and Country Club on 25 February 2015. It was the first ALA Championship Golf Tournament to be held after the election of Justice Presbitero Velasco and Atty. Jeremy Z. Parulan as Chairman and Secretary General, respectively, of the ALA Golf Chapter.

The tournament was participated in by 112 golfers - 55 players from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and 57 players from the Philippines. The Tun Dzaiddin Challenge Trophy for the team championship was won by the host nation Philippines with 231 stableford points.  Indonesia was second with 202 stableford points, while defending champion Malaysia was third with 194 stableford points.

The individual winners were as follows:

Individual Winners

    Champion: Atty. Bobot Lantion (Philippines)          
    1st Runner-up: Danilo Roleda (Philippines)      
    2nd Runner-up: Raul Corro (Philippines)           

REGULAR DIVISION (Ages 60 & below)            
    CLASS A - HCP 0-10       
    Champion: Atty. Jeremy Parulan (Philippines)      
    1st Runner-up: Peter Sanchez (Philippines)   
    2nd Runner-up: Jake Corporal (Philippines)                        
    CLASS B - HCP 11-20                
    Champion: John Dekson Guntik (Indonesia)   
    1st Runner-up: Justice Mon Cruz (Philippines)  
    2nd Runner-up: Atty. Edgardo Banaag (Philippines) 

    CLASS C - HCP 21 & above                
    Champion: Mr. Vijechander (Malaysia)               
    1st Runner-up: Raul Hebron (Philippines)  
    2nd Runner-up: Justice Peter Corales (Philippines)  

    CLASS A - HCP 0-15       
    Champion: K. Puspalingam (Malaysia)   
    CLASS B - HCP 16 & above                
    Champion: Atty. Ric Bernabe (Philippines)            
    1st Runner-up: Atty. George Briones (Philippines) 
    2nd Runner-up: Boy Manzano (Philippines)   
SUPER SENIOR DIVISION (Ages 66 & above)            
    CLASS A - HCP 0-15       
    Champion: Justice Rene Francisco (Philippines)     
    1st Runner-up: Boy Sangco (Philippines)   
    2nd Runner-up: Justice Nick Acosta (Philippines)   
LADIES DIVISION                
    LOW GROSS: Lim Siew Kuan (Singapore)                
    Champion: Yuningtyas Upiek Kartika (Indonesia)   
    1st Runner-up: Teresa San Juan (Philippines)   
    2nd Runner-up: Esmeralda Bernabe (Philippines)   
In a meeting of the various golf convenors, it was agreed that ALA Golf Chapter will try to hold at least two tournaments per year to further strengthen the brotherhood among ALA members.

Atty. Jeremy Parulan
12th ALA Championship Golf Tournament


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