ASEAN Chief Justices’ Meeting in Singapore (23 August 2013)

Building on the success of an earlier ALA Judicial Cooperation Programme held in 2006 in Singapore, and taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the occasion of the 35th ALA Governing Council Meeting, ALA (Singapore) undertook the organisation of the inaugural ASEAN Chief Justices’ Meeting on 23 August 2013 at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

The Meeting was preceded by a briefing cum sharing session on the Singapore Supreme Court’s Electronic Litigation System, Technology Court and eDiscovery Initiatives, and other methods of harnessing technological advances in the delivery of judicial and legal services.

The Meeting which followed was attended by the Chief Justices or their representatives from the apex judiciaries of all ASEAN nations, and was very fruitful. The ASEAN Chief Justices agreed on the following objectives of the Meeting:

(1) To promote close relations and mutual understanding amongst the ASEAN judiciaries;

(2) To provide a regular forum for the ASEAN Chief Justices to discuss and exchange views on common issues facing the ASEAN judiciaries; and

(3) To facilitate judicial cooperation and collaboration among ASEAN judiciaries with a view to accelerate the economic growth and development of the ASEAN region.

The Chief Justices discussed ways to:

(1) Enhance the Rule of Law to promote greater economic co-operation in ASEAN by developing an internet portal to improve the flow of information on ASEAN Judiciaries;

(2) Promote judicial education and training by collaborating to develop ideas to enhance training opportunities for the Judges and judicial officers within ASEAN;

(3) Harness judicial co-operation in ASEAN by collaborating and sharing best practices in:

(a) The use of court technology;
(b) Case management techniques; and
(c) Facilitating the service of civil processes within ASEAN to promote economic growth and development of the ASEAN region.

The Chief Justices appointed working parties to develop the ideas raised at the meeting and agreed to meet periodically in conjunction with future meetings of the ALA.


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