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The ASEAN Law Association is a non-government organization which brings together under one roof all the different branches of the law profession – judges, law teachers, law practitioners and government lawyers. It was formed in 1979 at an inaugural meeting at Jakarta.

The 9th ASEAN Law Association General Assembly in Bangkok in 2006.


The objectives of the Association are:

a) To promote close relations, cooperation and mutual understanding amongst lawyers in the ASEAN countries;

b) To provide the organisational framework for regional cooperation;

i) in the study of and research in the laws of the ASEAN countries with a view to harmonizing those laws as required by the social and economic development of the ASEAN region;

ii) in promoting and facilitating the co-ordination of activities and the carrying out of collaboration projects, among lawyers’ organisations, law faculties, legal research centres and other like institutions in the ASEAN countries;

iii) in promoting, exchanging and disseminating information of the laws, legal systems and legal development of the ASEAN countries;

iv) for the purpose of carrying into effect the objectives hereinbefore set out, in the publication of journals, newsletters, bulletins and in the organising of conferences, meetings, symposia, seminars and other discussions;

c) To provide organisational facilities for ASEAN cooperation in conflict avoidance, in the arbitration or resolution of legal disputes in transnational contracts within the ASEAN region; and

d) To cooperate with international, regional, national and other organisations in the furtherance of the aforementioned objectives.

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